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Packers & Movers for Defence Personnel

Packers & Movers for Defence Personnel

Packers & Movers for Defence Personnel

 Shift ok Army Peronnel Shifting


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Defence Personnel know that Shift Ok Packers & Movers  is the best option when it comes to safe and trustworthy moving services in India. By providing individual assistance targeted to the specific requirements of defense personnel, our staff guarantees a hassle-free travel experience. We have years of experience and are aware of the particular needs and issues related to military relocations. We offer full-service house moving, transportation, bike moving, and car carrier services.

                       We take the highest care and professionalism when managing your things, placing a priority on safety and security. Our knowledgeable staff effectively handles every stage of the moving procedure, from loading and packing to transporting and unloading. Defense personnel may rely on Shift Ok Packers & Movers to handle their relocation demands with accuracy and dependability. We guarantee prompt delivery and uphold stringent quality standards, giving you piece of mind throughout the moving process. Our dedication to quality and client satisfaction makes us the go-to option for military personnel in need of relocation assistance. Shift Ok Packers and Movers is your reliable relocation partner for defense personnel. Enjoy a stress-free move.

Services for Defense Personnel to Move Houses

shift ok packers movers

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Shift Ok Packers and Movers is aware that defense personnel who are constantly transferred and relocated have certain needs. We provide expert house moving services that are tailored to army personnel' requirements. Our experienced crew ensures a hassle-free moving experience by efficiently packing, securely transferring items, and reliably delivering deliveries. Trust Shift Ok Packers and Movers to be your one-stop shop for all your moving needs; they provide military families with peace of mind



Car Carrier Service

car carrier shift ok

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Ensuring secure transportation of their vehicles is important for soldiers who must relocate. To meet the specific needs of defense personnel, Shift Ok Packers and Movers provide specific car carrier services. They are aware of this demand. Shift Ok guarantees the smooth transfer of cars in container service, offering peace of mind throughout changes, with a dedicated team experienced in managing military moves. Shift Ok is the go-to one-stop shop for all car transportation needs during military relocations, and it is trusted by army families all throughout the country. 

Transportation Services for Bikes

 bike transport colaba

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Shift Ok is the best option for defense workers who require bike mobility. We guarantee timely, safe, and safe relocation of your motorcycle with our specialist service. Our committed staff offers a hassle-free experience and is aware of the special needs of army troops. For all of your bike transportation needs, rely on Shift Ok.

Packers & Movers for Defence Personnel Charges (2024-25)

Type Of Shifting
UP To 500 KM
UP To 1000 KM
UP To 1500 KM
UP To 2000 KM


₹ 9,900 - 17900
₹ 10,900 -19,900

₹ 12,900 - 22,900

₹ 14,900 - 23,900


₹ 10,900 - 19,900

₹ 16,900 - 25,900

₹ 17,900 - 27,900

₹ 19,900 - 30,900


₹ 14,900 - 25,900

₹ 15,900 - 28,900

₹ 19,900 - 30,900

₹ 24,900- 34,900


₹ 16,900 - 28900

₹ 17,900 - 31,900

₹ 21,900 - 34,900 

₹ 27900 - 37,900


₹ 2,500 

₹ 3,500
₹ 4,100
₹ 5,999


₹ 7,999 

₹ 10,999 

₹ 12,999 

₹ 14,999 


₹ 599

₹ 599
₹ 599
₹ 599

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